John Moore : Chinese Military Hacks Into Obama's Atomic Football !

PhotobucketIn This John Moore Show 10/2/2012 They Talk About How The Chinese Military Hacks Into Obama's Atomic Football ! ( John Moore : Chinese Military Hacks Into Obama's Atomic Football ! )

( The John Moore Show 10/2/2012)

() Photobucket() () PhotobucketIn today's video, Topher Morrison covers the recent alleged cyber attack on the White House' Military Office. ( AMTV News: Did China Hack White House for 'Nuclear Football?')



Welcome back to AMTV News, I'm your anchor Topher Morrison. It's Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012.

Chinese Hacked: White House 'Nuclear Football'
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Capturing every corner of alternative media watch AMTV News Monday -- Friday. Find our in depth commentary and analysis of stories like these at, part of the AMTV Network. Remember to like, comment, remix and most of importantly share! We are AMTV -- The Voice of Independents. White House sources partly confirmed an alarming report that US government computers -- reportedly including systems used by the military for nuclear commands -- were breached by Chinese hackers.

"This was a spear phishing attack against an unclassified network," a White House official told "These types of attacks are not infrequent and we have mitigation measures in place."

A law enforcement official who works with members of the White House Military Office confirmed the Chinese attack to on Monday, but it remains unclear what information, if any, was taken or left behind.

"This [White House Communications Agency] guy opened an email he wasn't supposed to open," the source said.

That email contained a spear phishing attack from a computer server in China, the law enforcement source told The attack was first reported by the conservative blog Free Beacon. Spear phishing involves the use of messages disguised to appear as valid; in fact, they contain targeted, malicious attempts to access sensitive or confidential information. (ALERT ATTACK: Washington CONFIRMS Chinese Hack Attack on )

(Chinese General: Prepare for Combat)

Chinese General: Prepare for Combat PhotobucketPhotobucket()Photobucket ()Lindsey Williams on Alex Jones ( April 2011 ) - World War III Starts in 2012 ()Pastor Lindsey Williams Predicts from His Sources on the Inside that World War Three will Start Some Time in 2012.

The Secret Agenda of the Elite Globalists to Conquer the World and Instill Their New World Order or Kill Us All.()

()()Photobucket()CHINA GIRL Photobucket() The United States is boosting its presence in the Asia-Pacific -- a fact underlined during President Obama's state visit to Australia. Two-and-a-half-thousand American troops will be stationed there over the next few years, in an apparent move to blunt China's growing influence in the region.

Alice Slater from the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation explained the idea of the new Pacific era for the US.()

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