(Colonel Sixx is Dead) Was SEAL TEAM 6 Assassinated-WhistleBlower Murdered ?

Photobucket Whistleblower 'Colonel Sixx'(Derek Fagan-McHenry) who is now 'DEAD' had some interesting insider information to share about the Chinook Helicopter Crash in Afghanistan. 30 men were said to have been killed. 22 said to be Navy SEALS commandos from SEAL Team Six . He also has info about the Alleged Osama Bin Laden Assassination ordered by USA Marxist President Barack Husein Obama. AKA Barry Soetoro.

This is reportedly the largest one day loss of troops in the 10 year war in Afghanistan and it just happens to be Seal Team 6. So now we are to buy that the men who took out OBL died in a helicopter crash months after pulling off the raid. Our inside sources told us months ago that all the Seals on the helicopter that crashed in the so called OBL raid died, yet the Obama admin says none were killed.

Witnesses on the ground in Pakistan told national News outlets that the Seals went in to the compound then came out got in a stealth craft and it exploded. The video with the witnesses is posted on Infowars.com in our news report titled "Seal Team 6 Deaths Exposed". Now the globalists may have killed off the rest of the Seal team that made it out in the other stealth helicopter from the OBL raid to tie up loose ends. Bottom line the official bin Laden raid story is a proven fraud !! ()Photobucket() Photobucket()Photobucket() Photobucket ( Colonel Sixx is Dead ) Was SEAL TEAM 6 Assassinated-WhistleBlower Murdered ? )

Alex Jones Caller tells alex the passing of colonel sixx, (aka; "Agent-In-Place")

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( Obama's Operation Geronimo Was Another Arrogant Lie To The World ) On the Tuesday, March 27 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talks with psychiatrist, former State Department official, author, and publisher Steve Pieczenik. He is the author of several books, including State of Emergency, Terror Counter Terror, and The Mind Palace.
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() Photobucket Good Morning To You My Fellow Son's And Daughter's Of Liberty , Knights Of Freedom , and Info Warriors Welcome To My Blog ! A Few Days Befor Obama Lied and said He Killed Bin Laden I was at a point Of No Return in this Information Revolution For The Truth ! My Anger at this Gang Of Treason who call themselves leaders in Washington DC , had reached a boiling point , as once again this Greasy Slime Ball was Talking his way out of his Fake Birth Certificate by using his Giant Media Sword to keep the sheep blind !()

These Next Few Videos Are Colonel SIXX Talking To Alex Jones About How Our Drug Dealer CIA Run Government is Running The Country Like Chicago Mobsters PhotobucketPhotobucket()



(Obama Used Seal Team To Save His Ass , Then Sets Them Up In A Flying Duck)

Anger Is Good when Idiots are in Charge of Our Security !! I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK !!!!!!

( Obama's Operation Geronimo Was Another Arrogant Lie To The World )

() The Obama's Operation Geronimo Blog is Such A Great Blog and When You Get The Time You Should Go Check It Out ! Here's The Link To That Fantastic Blog http://electronzio.com/?q=node/395 PhotobucketPhotobucket()PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketSince The NAZI American Hitler is going to Keep Digging Up The Dead Bin Laden To Get Touchdowns With The Obama Zombies , I'm Going to Dig Up The Truth On How Bin Laden Has Been Dead since Our Troops Put Their Boots On The Ground In Iraq . Here's Paul Watson From The Alex Jones Show talking with trends forecaster Gerald Celente, author of the best-selling book Trends 2000 and Trend Tracking. Celente founded the Trends Research Institute in 1980.
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( Gerald Celente: "Osama" Bin Bernanke And The Fed Are Public Enemy No. 1 1/3 )

()Photobucket () Photobucket()Photobucket () ( Gerald Celente: "Osama" Bin Bernanke And The Fed Are Public Enemy No. 1 2/3 )

It's Sad to hear Mr. Celente Talking about Investing in Gold and Knowing MF Global Is Going To Rob Him at The End Of 2011 ! God Bless You Gerald Celente , I think you're A Great Freedom Patriot in This The Information Revolution Against World Banker Tyranny ! Just Think of it this way , God Works in mysterious ways and You being one of The MF Global Banker Pirate victim has brought a Far More Greater Spot Light to The Truth ! Photobucket () Photobucket(Gerald Celente: "Osama" Bin Bernanke And The Fed Are Public Enemy No. 1 3/3) ()

()Photobucket () Photobucket()Photobucket()Photobucket() () (The Oliver North Bill Clinton George H.W.Bush Fast And Furious CIA Drug Ops !)

Here's The Link To My Blog http://electronzio.com/?q=node/352 (The Oliver North Bill Clinton George H.W.Bush Fast And Furious CIA Drug Ops ! ) Here's The Link To My Blog http://electronzio.com/?q=node/345 (Illuminati Dynasties That Run The Nwo with Author Fritz Springmeier ) Here's The Link To Blog http://electronzio.com/?q=node/284 (Skull & Bones, The Order at Yale Revealed ) ()Photobucket()Photobucket ()Photobucket ()Photobucket()Photobucket () Photobucket() Photobucket() Photobucket()Photobucket () Photobucket()Photobucket ()Photobucket ()Photobucket ()Half Truth Is Treason Too ()Photobucket()Photobucket () Photobucket()Photobucket() Photobucket()Photobucket () (X)Photobucket(X) Photobucket() () () () ()Photobucket (fin)() Photobucket()Photobucket()Photobucket()Photobucket()Photobucket ()Photobucket() Photobucket() Photobucket() Photobucket()Photobucket () Photobucket()AND THE Photobucket()Photobucket ()Photobucket ()Photobucket ()Photobucket ()Photobucket ()Photobucket () Photobucket()Photobucket () Photobucket () JFK Was The Last Real President Befor The CIA Took Over The World Photobucket () Photobucket