Red Ice Radio Teams Up With Coast To Coast Am ( Conspiracy Observations ) !

PhotobucketPhotobucketDriving Home From The DJ Job at 4am Sunday Morning I about Wrecked The Truck When I heard Henrik Palmgren On as A Guest On Coast To Coast Am Talking To John B Wells ! So Sit Back And Enjoy 2 Of My Favorite Talk Radio Hosts Together On The Same Show Talking About All Our Worlds Problems And Their Thoughts On What We Might Be Able To Do To Try And Fix Them ! I Will Post Each Video In Order . The First 3 Video's Are Wells and Palmgren and The Last Coast To Coast Am Video is Really Part 1 but I List it as Coast To Coast Video Number 4 because I Know You will enjoy The Wells/Palmgren discussion as much as I Did ! Part 4 ( 1) Is John B Wells Interview With Andy Lightbody and They Talk About The New Russian Zombie Gun and The US Governments Secret Tunnels Under The Ocean which is Also another Very interesting conversation , but ..... It's Not RED ICE RADIO MEETS COAST TO COAST AM RADIO , BECAUSE That's Like A SPIDERMAN TEAM UP WITH CAPTAIN AMERICA :) ( COAST TO COAST AM MEETS RED ICE RADIO VIDEO 1 ) ()

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Here's The Link To My Blog (The Venus Flytrap Project ( The Elites Vision Of No People In Their Mad Science World ) ()Photobucket ()() Photobucket()

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() Photobucket() () ()End Photobucket ()WE GOT THIS SCUM ON THE RUN ----> Photobucket ()Photobucket () Photobucket()Photobucket () Photobucket () Photobucket()Photobucket CHECKMATE () Photobucket ()Photobucket ()Photobucket () Photobucket () Photobucket RON PAUL 2012 () Photobucket () We The People Have To Stand Up And FIGHT For Our Freedoms That Our Soldiers Fight , Die , Cry , and Bleed For ! We Are Their Voice ( They Have No Voice , and Just Follow Orders) and The Freedom Of Speech Is The Most Powerful Weapon We Have ! Our Soldiers Want Ron Paul So We Will Fight with All Our Might To Make Him Our Next President ! () This Blog is being worked On so Please Stop Back Later to Get The Full Effect Of Another Fantastic Finished ( Ben Franklin Printing Press ) Blog By TERRY RONZIO Running For United States Congress 2012 :)